Josmar Acres Inc, the family farm and a crew that are like family!

Josmar Kids
Dad - Josmar Acres Ltd.

Dad (name - Jo)

Dad married Mom (Marge) in 1967 and they began farming at Josmar Acres in 1974, with a broiler breeder operation and small orchard. Dad continues the broiler breeder operation giving advice from past experience to his sons. Dad, also, enjoys harvesting maple syrup in the early spring and tackling any clean-up jobs with his excavator.


Mom (name - Marge)

Since 1980, Mom has managed the Farm Market & Garden Centre. While doing so, she raised their three children, Andrea, Kevin and Jeffrey. Today, she helps her daughter, Andrea with the book-keeping and her son, Kevin, calling and receiving wholesale orders. Mom still makes the BEST strawberry jam!


Andrea (nickname - Annie)

Oldest and only daughter of Jo and Marge. She is married to Martin Otten and they have a daughter, Kaylie and twin boys, Cole and Troy. Andrea mainly manages the Farm Market & Garden Centre through the seasons, as well as doing the farms book-keeping. She loves to learn about soil health and is active as a crop consultant for her dad and brothers.

Kevin - Josmar Acres Ltd.

Kevin (nickname - Kev)

Oldest son of Jo and Marge. He is married to Loretta and they have a daughter, Jocelyn and a son, Justin. Kevin heavily involves himself in the horticulture crops, such as, strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins and apples. He also takes pride in delivering this fresh produce to local grocery stores in the Hamilton, Brant and Kitchener-Waterloo regions. Every year Kevin brushes up on his Spanish, as he is foreman for the Mexican migrant workers that help harvest the farms crops.

Jeff - Josmar Acres Ltd.

Jeffrey (nickname - Jeff)

Youngest son of Jo and Marge. He is married to Amelia and they have a daughter, Amanda. Jeff manages the cash crops of wheat, soybeans and corn on the farm. Through the busyness of the season, he finds time to do a few custom planting and harvesting jobs. Jeff, also, is the farms licensed mechanic, keeping everything running and in tip-top shape.


Amelia (nickname - Emmy)

Daughter-in-law of Jo and Marge, married to Jeffrey. Amelia helps manage the Farm Market & Garden Centre alongside Mom and Andrea. She also enjoys creating custom flower arrangements for customers, as well as coming up with new graphic designs for advertising to promote the farming business.

Josmar Kids

Some of the kids you will see at the farm,

Kaylie, Cole, Troy and Amanda.

Josmar Kids
Josmar Girls

Alyssa, Becca, Emma, Emily, Hannah & Maddy!

A few friendly faces that you will see working at the Farm Market & Garden Centre!